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Zion Oil Of Eucalyptus can help relieve upper and lower back pain, shoulder, knee and all body aches. Our oil has also been shown to help with arthritis, emphysema, sinus headaches, asthma, pains, and soreness. Our product has also been shown to effective for rheumatism, colds, hay fever, bruises, insect bites, burn and sunburns, chest congestion, bronchitis, rashes, cold sores, carpal tunnel syndrome and fibromyalgia. Australian Oil of Eucalyptus is processed in an F.D.A. inspected facility.

Zion Oil Can Help

Body Aches

Sinus Headaches


Carpal Tunnel


Vitamin E

Jojoba Oil




Aloe Vera

Seven Essential Oils for All Natural Pain Relief.


The first time I had tried the Zion Oil of Eucalyptus, I used on my legs because I was having severe leg pain. I tried it and the pain was gone!! I also used it on my 16 yr old daughter who has migraines and when rubbed on her temples and forehead the headaches stopped. A friend of mine has rheumatoid arthritis and I recommended the Zion oil to her, and she still uses it to this day! I highly recommend this product. Its awesome!

Jennifer Hamilton

Lafayette, Indiana

My name is Pastor Jeffrey Williams, my first encounter with Zion oils was anything short of amazing, I personally wasn’t having any problem with pain, but my wife was constantly in pain, so out of curiosity I decided to buy a bottle, I mean what she was spending on pain medicine, and seem as if she wasn’t getting no relief, After buying a bottle and bringing it home to truly test the power of these combination of seven oils, my wife face showed an excitement and glow that I would never forget, she repeating over and over that she couldn’t believe the pain was gone. I remember she kept looking over the bottle and wondering was this possible. Since that day Zion oils have been a part of our life. we have use it on everything , even our dog which was suffering with old age arthritis and she responded by running and jumping. I’m a witness this product really work.

Pastor Williams

Winnsboro, SC

“I love the Zion Eucalyptus oil! My mom used it on her back when she was visiting and she was amazed how fast she got relief and her pain went away for a while. Also, I love using it different ways…. as an air freshener, spray in the bathroom when the shower or bath is on for a relaxing spa experience, I even used a spray on each hands and rubbed into my nails/cuticles and my hands never looked so good.”

Natalie Pegg

Gainesville, FL

Great Product! My back was hurting one night after work and I decided to use the Zion Oil on my back shortly after using the Zion Oil my pain was completely gone. Awesome product.

Damien Jefferson

Vance, SC

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